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As a former bride, I can tell you: your wedding day will go by quickly. It truly is a blur, filled with so many emotions. I want to preserve every moment for you – from the jitters of getting ready, the emotion-filled walk down the aisle, the epic dance party, and more… I want to capture it all! But it’s not because I care about your wedding (although trust me, I do!). It’s because I truly, genuinely care about your marriage.

Life has many ups and downs. You have fun times and you’re also faced with tough challenges. There are highs and there are lows. But here’s the beautiful thing about marriage – you go through life together…all of it…the good and the bad. And after each trial and victory, you grow closer together!

My desire and goal as a wedding photographer is to preserve your wedding day for you. Years from now, no matter what season of life you may be in, I want you to look at your photos and say,

“This is where our marriage started. These are the vows we said to each other: we promised we’d love each other, in good times and in bad.”

This is the heart behind my business! I’m passionate about wedding photographer because I’m passionate about marriage.

My wedding day coverage is $4,200 and everything is completely customizable. Please contact me for more information!

“Our Wedding was an incredible day and thanks to Cami, we have incredible proof of that. Therefore I have no hesitation in recommending this talented, passionate, professional and wonderfully sweet girl. She is the best of the best… you will not be disappointed!”

Heather & Josh

“Cami is the perfect balance of personal and professional. From setting a date to planning the location, Cami is always very prompt in her responses and she always makes you feel like your satisfaction is the number one priority.”

Deena & Darren

“Cami is a FANTASTIC photographer. Not only are her pictures incredible in quality and aesthetic, but she is efficient. She is extremely confident and creates a comfortable environment for her clients. I would highly recommend choosing her as a photographer.”

Yazz & Soren

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