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Photographer Testimonials

“I scheduled a workflow mentoring session with Cami after a friend recommended it to me and it was an incredible learning experience! Cami opened up a window into how she successfully manages her workflow and spends as little time at the computer as possible. She went over every single detail with me, from the importing of photos to back up, and answered ALL of my questions. With her tools for a productive workflow, I have confidence in being efficient with my time and energy. I also have the peace of mind knowing that I have a great backup system with my work and it's basically impossible for a hard drive failure or computer problem to erase my photos! Thanks to Cami, I'm spending less time in front of the computer and more time shooting. If you're struggling with workflow, you have to schedule a mentoring session with her!”
(Sarah Ellefson, @sarahellefson)

“Cami's mentoring session with developing your personal brand is so solid and informative. It gave me the tools to implement the branding thoughts that were floating around in my head and make them concrete! She walked me through finding inspiration and how to take it and make my own unique vision come alive. With incredibly helpful tools + tips, along with homework assignments to complete after our session, I walked away feeling empowered and inspired to develop a brand that was unique and relevant to my ideal client.”
(Sarah Ellefson, @sarahellefson)

“Cami is a business wizard! Get ready to up your photo game and learn how to take hold of your business. Being in the industry for many years, she has learned a lot along the way so she knows what she is talking about (believe me, she has helped me many times!). I can truly say you are learning from the best. This girl knows what’s up!”
(Lauren Scotti, @laurenscotti)

"I had the pleasure of teaching alongside Cami at a photographer's workshop in 2015. She was teaching one subject while I was speaking on another. Watching her teach was so inspiring to say the least. Not only is Cami easy to listen to, she speaks to her students in such a personal way that you feel like you've been friends for a long time. She's able to break down the hardest of subjects into easy-to-learn topics in an approachable way - which is so important for such a visual career! Cami is so naturally talented and gifted at speaking, so I'm very excited for her to be teaching to other photographers - she is a true blessing to anyone she teaches."
(Katie Pritchard, @katiepritchardphoto)

"Without a doubt, I know my wedding photography business would not be where it’s at today without having been mentored by Cami. With her help, I was not only able to hone my craft to deliver more eye catching & personable photos, but more importantly know how to run a successful business and better serve my clients on a day to day basis. Cami would give me critiques on my work, and I would take that to improve as a photographer, so the next time I met with her I could be confident in knowing I was using the tools she had equipped me with.

It’s easy to say that my workflow would be a complete mess, if Cami hadn’t shown me a better and more organized way to do things- not to mention introduce programs that I could utilize to cut my workflow time in half! Doing this has allowed me to not only have more time to shoot, but to have more time in my personal life as well to do other things other than be behind a computer screen all day.

Lastly, client relations & interaction- Cami is the master! Everything from the initial inquiry of a potential client, how to have a success meeting either in person or on Skype, and how to remain composed & in control when unforeseen or undesirable client circumstances arise, to help keep the client as ease and keep your business reputation in good standing.

I can’t praise the gift Cami has been given enough and owe the success of my business to her mentoring & equipping me! She has a way of teaching & explaining things that make it easy to understand and easy to apply to your business. I still find myself reaching out to her when I have questions, and always know she will be honest, open & help guide me towards what is best for my business and clients."

(Jessica Di Bella, Jessica Di Bella Photography )
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